Redeeming Grace

It’s a white as snow kinda love
Redemption red kinda grace
Love of a Father, kind, kind Jesus
Calling out my name

He said, do not be afraid
Don’t give your song away
Weeping lasts a moment but
Joy is here to stay, it’s here to stay

I lift my eyes up to the Heavens
And open wide to Your kindness
I breathe in deep what You promise
And let all the pain fall off my shoulders

“White as Snow” Song by Cageless Birds

These lyrics have been penetrating my soul these last couple of days… the love of the Father is so pure, so perfect. When I look upon the snow after it just has fallen, everything is so white, so clean. After a few days it doesn’t look so clean anymore. Dog pee, footprints, shoveled piles, some dirt mixed in — not so perfect. We are imperfect like dirty snow, but God’s perfect love,


I need to be reminded on the daily that though my life may look like a total mess on the outside, and I may also feel like a complete mess on the inside, that’s not what He sees.

A redemption red kinda GRACE that says,

  • you are not your mess
  • you are not your burdens
  • you are not your sickness
  • you are not your doubts
  • you are not you failures
  • you are not your flaws
  • you are not your less-than-self.
  • No no no… it’s a redeeming grace that says,
  • I’m in control of this mess.. You don’t have to do this alone.. You are healed.. I am who I say I am.. You are more than enough.. My grace is sufficient for you!

I’ve been struggling these last few years to believe what God’s Word says about me. It’s like someone has had their hand over my mouth not allowing me to BREATHE. It becomes exhausting not being able to catch a breath — going from one failure, to the next. Not being able to fully REST in what God has for you because you’re too busy trying to figure out your mess on your own. You try and you fail.. and you try again, and fail again.

I pray that you and I allow the pain, the frustrations, and failures to fall off our shoulders. I pray the burden is lifted and a fresh breath of air is released. Breathe Him in and breathe Him out.

You are not your mess. You are a worthy masterpiece in the making : )

#findjoy #bebold

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