NEW Year. SAME God.

Every January I begin the new year fasting and praying; and for the last few years I have started a One Year Bible Reading Plan… and every year I have also never completed a One Year Bible Reading Plan :\

This is the first time I have someone to keep me accountable so I took advantage of that and asked my husband if he would read the Bible with me every day for the entire year, and he said yes!

My goal for this year is to write down my thoughts and reflections, sharing what God has revealed to me in His Word. Regardless of whether or not anyone joins in on this journey, I will have this as a way to reflect back on this year and remember all the wonderful things I learned. I’m excited to see what NEW things God will do in our lives this year and to get back into blogging!!

If you decide to join us, be sure to share in the comments each day what God revealed to you as it will be sure to bless myself and others!

Thanks for coming with me on this journey of reading the entire Bible in 2021, I’m truly grateful to have you here! My prayer for this blog is that God would bring NEW revelation to each one of us as we dive deeper into His Word and discover more of who Jesus is. Blessings and love.

Up First –> Genesis 1-3; Matthew 1


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