Day 8: Genesis 20-22

Again in chapter 21, we run into another story of Hagar and her son Ishmael. Abraham and Sarah sent them away, but God promised to Abraham that Ishmael will be blessed because he was Abraham’s son.

Do not be afraid; God has heard the boy crying as he lies there.”

Genesis 21:17

After wandering in the desert for sometime, Hagar and her son did not have any water left. They were suffering and Hagar was worried her son would die. But, God. He showed up and provided for their every need! Ishmael grew up to be a successful archer and married.

God is with you in everything you do.”

Genesis 21:22

In the next chapter, God asks something very big of Abraham and told Abraham to take his son and sacrifice him there on the mountain. As they reached the mountain, he did exactly what God told him to do and laid his son on the altar. When he reached out to get his knife, God stopped him, telling him not to lay a hand on his son.

This is a story of immense TRUST and FAITH in God. Like, WOW. After God tested Abraham’s faith, God restated the covenant again, saying that He will surely bless Abraham because of his obedience.

Be bold and be obedient, friends!

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