Day 5: Genesis 13-15

It looks like we’re just spending time in the Old Testament today… One thing we see in chapter 13 is Abram giving up his first choice right, as being head of his family, and allowing Lot to have first pick of the land. The Lord then blessed Abram.

In chapter 14 Abram defeats kings, and recovers his nephew Lot who was kidnapped by the four kings. The Melchizedek king (meaning: “my king is righteousness”, then offers Abram bread and wine to bless him. But this king wasn’t just any old king.. he was a priest of God Most High and was often described at the “king of peace.”

Lastly, in chapter 15, the Lord makes a covenant with Abram.

Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your very great reward.”

Genesis 15:6

This covenant has five parts which include:

  • God reminding Abram of his faithfulness in the past (v. 7)
  • God providing a sign to confirm His promise (vv. 8-12)
  • God specifying the provision of the covenant (vv. 13-16)
  • God confirming the covenant by making a divine appearance (v. 17)
  • and God concluding the covenant with an unconditional promise (v. 18).

Final notes… Be a blessing to be blessed! 🙂

Up next –> Genesis 16-17; Matthew 5

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