Day 11: Genesis 27-28; Matthew 8

First, Jacob receives Esau’s birthright.. and now he takes his blessing too!! We know it was God’s will for Jacob to be blessed, however, I do not think the way he got it was right, or justified by God. The Lord is not a God to encourage lying and deceiving.

However, because God is a God of mercy and grace… God overruled the sinfulness of all involved, including, Issac, Esau, Rebekah, and Jacob. Isaac showed stubbornness, Esau showed reckless determination to go his own way, Rebekah showed deceit, and Jacob showed selfish ambition.

Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.”

Matthew 8:2

In Matthew 8, we see God heal a man with leprosy, drive out evil spirits, heal other illnesses and diseases, and calm a storm. I think these old testament chapters go hand-in-hand with this new testament chapter.

God is willing and able to cleanse us and make us NEW. It does not matter if we are physically sick or mentally ill. It does not matter if we are sinning and need to repent or if we have a fever and need to have faith.

This is not to say that if you do not have faith, you will not be healed. But faith is prevalent in this chapter so it must be important! Maybe it is as simple as saying, “God I know you can heal me.”

We always say “have faith” but we never truly talk about all that faith entails. Faith is believing without seeing. Faith is trusting without knowing what the future holds. And sometimes faith is declaring Truth because God has given us the authority to do so.

When it comes to healing, physical or spiritual, we must not be afraid like the disciples were in that boat. We need to search for the faith that they could not find in the storm. When we declare physical healing to someone’s body by saying, “heal them God,” are we lying if they do not get healed at that very moment?

No, I do not believe so. I believe God is asking us to have this faith to see immediate healings, just like the miracles Jesus performed. However, we must also realize that Heaven does not have time like earth does. God’s ways are higher than our own and if we pray and do not see a miracle, that does not mean we had little faith. I think it creates a space for us to have greater faith in knowing that the person we prayed for is already healed because of what Jesus did on that cross.

So friends, be BOLD in your prayers and declarations as Jesus was bold. Don’t lose heart if you are not seeing immediate miracles. Keep praying. Keep the faith.

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