Welcome to the blog!

My blogging journey began in the summer of 2015… I had just ended my first year of community college and was in a season of learning and growing. It was a crazy time discovering who God made me to be, and knowing the heart of the Father in a more intimate way.

Fast forward a few years and a lot has happened since then! I transferred to a Christian University, graduated with three degrees, finished a few internships, traveled to the other side of the world, picked up a hobby in photography, planned a wedding in a global pandemic, and eventually married my best friend in September of 2020.

It’s been an eventful six years since I first started blogging and I’m finally ready to get back into it! Boldlioness.com came from my favorite verse in Proverbs 28. It seemed fitting to give my blog this name since the first three letters of my name, “Ari,” mean “lion of God” in Hebrew.

Now, I’m a foster care case manager by day, and blogger/photographer/wife by night. Writing, taking photos, and serving others is my passion, after Jesus of course 🙂

This chocolate-loving introvert loves being able to share her life with others and hopes it brings you joy! Jesus is my best friend and first love. My prayer is that this blog inspires and encourages you to chase after God as BOLD as a LION(ess).

If you have a prayer request, topic of interest, or would just like to say hi, you can email me at info@boldlioness.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! Blessings and love.


– Ari