My Unpopular Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

This year I’m reminded once again of the deep hate people have for Valentine’s Day… the other day I Googled “anti-Valentine’s day” and the first couple of posts included:  Singles Awareness Day How to throw an anti-V-day party gift ideas for those who despise V-day, etc.  It’s ironic to me that a day all about… Continue reading My Unpopular Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

No Plans, No Problem.

Happy Monday 🙂 This past weekend my husband and I made plans for a second time.. and they got canceled for a second time. This seems to be the new norm for us. I’ve lost count of all the times we had to cancel plans this year.. including OUR WEDDING!! But I’m learning to let… Continue reading No Plans, No Problem.

Redeeming Grace

It’s a white as snow kinda loveRedemption red kinda graceLove of a Father, kind, kind JesusCalling out my name He said, do not be afraidDon’t give your song awayWeeping lasts a moment butJoy is here to stay, it’s here to stay These lyrics have been penetrating my soul these last couple of days… the love of the Father is… Continue reading Redeeming Grace

Whit[er] Than Snow

I trudged through a lot of snow to get this shot, and while I was trudging my way back, I got to thinking. Why did I let myself go through all of that trouble for a picture, (mind you I’m fasting right now & have very little energy lol), when I could have waited for… Continue reading Whit[er] Than Snow

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